Leading the way for a more socially conscious country and community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By applying ourselves to the socio-economic, political and environmental challenges we face in this country, we continue to work towards promoting good citizenship beyond CSI, or 1% net profit after tax, by helping to grow opportunities for innovative collaboration beyond business as usual.

Our Commitment

We will contribute to create a more socially conscious country and communities and support the culture of collaboration, working towards a more sustainable economy.

Pay It Forward

The Talking Point understands that these are challenging times for all businesses and therefore have embarked on the Paying It Forward initiative. In association with our alliance partners we are offering our healthcare call centre services at no cost to our clients and partners during the lockdown period.

Acting Hope

“Help to create emotionally stronger individuals by improving the cycle of emotional and social poverty in children from disadvantaged backgrounds and give them something to believe in again through our HOPE DRAMA and HOPE JOURNEY.”

Tehlillah Community Collaborative

A centre that has practised substance abuse rehabilitation for the last 18 years. At this centre they run successful in-patient substance abuse intervention and aftercare programmes for individuals 18 years and older.”

Kommunicate Script