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Let’s Talk Legal

Legal Coaching

Our unique legal coaching option that addresses real concerns upfront before approaching the legal system. We empower individuals that are not familiar with the legal system, by establishing whether they require legal advice. If legal advice is the required course of action, our attorneys will step in, or alternatively, we will recommend our mediation services.

Bail Assist

We offer an immediate professional solution that assists the arrested party and their family with the formal process by paying the bail amount and closely managing the outcomes. We alleviate this often stressful situation. We have a team of experienced Attorneys available 24hours a day to help face and manage these situations.

Labour Assist

We give you a direct line to the professionals that provide exceptional industrial relations and labour legislation advice through our highly skilled and qualified labour team. We provide hands-on advice and verbal or documented guidelines regarding mediation and labour-law services to a wide range of industries.

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