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Let’s Talk Mental Wealth

Wellness Assist

Individuals are given access to a qualified Therapist to help address any problems or needs associated with their emotional health, well-being, relationships and productivity. This solution helps address and manage the high rate of mental illness recorded, so instead of struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, suicide or PTSD for example, talk to us.

Parenting Assist

We facilitate all the advice and support most parents need through our professional network where they can speak to a registered Therapist, Teacher or Counsellor in real time. This service empowers parents to understand and facilitate their children’s behavioural, development and learning issues. We are here for you every step of the way.

Trauma Assist

This offers a direct line to talk about and deal with traumatic experiences that often involve a threat to life or safety by debriefing it first. For all individuals who have been exposed to any type of acute trauma in order to manage and work through the trauma on a holistic and practical 4-step basis to get the survivor to return to their normal life as soon as possible.

*Confidentiality is maintained between client and professional at all times.

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