Accreditation Network Organisations

Strategic Alliance Organisations

Our network has been established not only to offer integrated solutions, but also to promote more professional and better coordinated efforts. Our network consists primarily of private, non-governmental organizations that support mediation, mental health and legal support in dispute resolutions as well as conflict and peace negotiations. We meet on a regular basis to exchange results, successes, failures, and lessons learnt and further to explore areas for collaboration. Our network and partnerships consist of the following:

Mediation Network

A network of accredited NABFAM, FAMAC and DiSAC Mediators.

Legal Network

A network of experienced and highly skilled Attorneys. Their areas of specialization are: family, human rights, civil, criminal and commercial law, with extensive experience in consulting and organizational development.

Mental Wellness Network

A network of qualified Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, registered Counsellors and Trauma Counsellors. In every instance, each of our solutions is delivered by a group of qualified HPCSA-registered (Health Professions Council of South Africa) Therapists.

Global Choices Strategic Alliance

One of the most successful relationship-management companies in South Africa that provides innovative market-leading loyalty products, services and solutions for a wide number of industries and audiences. They work with, and create value for, individuals and business that are sustainable by building long-term relationships.

Vizual Multi Services Group Shareholder Partnership

Vizual is a leading Multi Service company, specializing in the provision of a range of unique and specialist services tailored to the specific needs of businesses. They provide services that have evolved into an interdisciplinary industry promoting people, strategic partnerships, consolidation and collaboration.

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