THE TALKING POINT is a leading practice that was established after its founder Elzabe Opperman qualified and started working as a Family Law Mediator after spending two decades in the financial services industry.  Realising that mediation is hugely successful as an alternative dispute resolution process, it was evident that there were far more to the process than meets the eye.  That the need existed to assist these potential clients before, during and after the mediation process.  This new experience was daunting because rather than taking on the business and building the practice, it was in her best interest to first refer her clients to either a counsellor for some therapy or an attorney who would then start engaging in the legal process instead of proceeding with mediation.  This led to the development of a practice that now offers an integrated suite of assistance products and services where a client, family, community and business will be cared for and treated holistically to ensure that the outcomes of the dispute or conflict they are experiencing, are managed and that they receive the care and treatment that they really need.

Establishing a national network of registered and accredited professionals, offering our assistance products and services in a unique format, at an affordable price, that is accessible to all on a 24-hour basis whilst leading the way for a more socially conscious country and community.  We are driven by our motto: “To Never Stop Talking”.

Our Business

  • Family Law and Divorce Mediation and Consulting Practice.
  • Accredited NABFAM (National Accreditation Board of Family Mediators) Mediators.
  • Members of SAAM (South African Association of Mediators).
  • Accredited in Financial Services, Insurance, Compliance and Risk Management.

Our Network and Partnerships

Has been established not only to offer integrated solutions, but to promote more professional and coordinated efforts. Our network consists of private, non-governmental businesses that are qualified and support mediation, mental health and legal support in dispute resolution as well as conflict and peace negotiations.

Our Integrated Assistance Solutions

We offer a unique suite of integrated assistance solutions that will enrich and change lives, by offering solutions provided by an expert team of professionals we aim to keep individuals, families, businesses and communities healthy, safe, nurtured and strong. Our national network of Service Providers has been carefully selected. Our work principle is always to put ourselves in the shoes of others in order to engage through EMPATHY. We have therefore developed services and solutions that will often spill over into one’s personal life, bringing about positive change.

  • Accredited NABFAM, FAMAC and DiSAC Mediators specialising in family law (divorce, maintenance, children), elder, education, workplace and commercial mediation.
  • Attorneys specialising in family, human rights, civil, criminal and commercial law, consulting and organizational development.
  • HPCSA-registered (Health Professions Council of South Africa) Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Counsellors.

The Difference

Our unique vision and passion that evolved because of deeply personal experiences. Total commitment to the empowerment of preventing risk and managing wellness. Providing an integrated solution to help solve conflict, reducing stress and trauma. Encouraging wellbeing and recognising the complex dynamics that are often present.

Our Approach and Process

Our team is very passionate about making a difference in creating healthy individuals, families, children, communities and business, so we can continue to strive to help our clients through a process that is often life changing.

Our Promise

To deliver exceptional assistance products and service solutions through:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Centre
  • Digital channels (Skype, Webchat, LiveChat, WhatsApp)
  • Private and one-on-one or group consultations
  • Corporate and Workgroups

Our Core Values

  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Equity and Fairness
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Loyalty and Care
  • Courtesy and Commitment
  • Empathy and Care

this is our motto
‘to never stop talking

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